Before Weight Loss

unhealthy woman, lose weight, get healthy, overweightThis is my before picture and this is what I look like right now.  It is shocking to see how overweight I am.  I am so unhealthy.  How did I get like this? 

Growing up I was skinny.  I didn’t fight with my weight.  I ate anything that I wanted and never gained a pound.  Even after I had my first child I went back to a size 9 pants in juniors.  The awful thing about that is, I thought I was fat being a size 9.  Can you believe that?

My life and the way I feel about myself has gotten to the point of being unhealthy.  I start out eating healthy and then I give in.  I eat and eat and I am not even hungry.  Would I really be missing out on anything if I didn’t eat that chocolate? NO!   So why am I so weak and fail so many times?  Is it a lack of willpower?  Is it a sugar addiction?  Are these just excuses to do what I really want to do? 

It now time to get my life in order and get my health back on track.  No more excuses.  No more standing in my own way.  How am I going to do this? How do I eat?  Do I count calories?   I believe I am making this harder than it really is.  So my first step is to give up sugar.  Yep,  that is where I am starting.  So what happens if I start to cave?  What will stop me from failing?  I believe I need to be prepared and that will include meal planning.  No more sneaking something unhealthy because I have nothing healthy available.

So I will be working on meal plans, recipes and getting my life in order.  Coming soon, I will be sharing all of this with you including my weight and measurements so that we can start working on that After picture.  I can’t wait!