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Living your best life now is our motto. Putting yourself first and creating a balance in your life is what we do at The Kindred Way!

Welcome to The Kindred Way!

At The Kindred Way, we encourage you to start taking better care of yourself by giving you ideas on how to live a healthy life with great recipes (some not so healthy but that’s okay).  We want to inspire you.

We want your home to be where you want to be. Redecorating and DIY that is simple and low cost. There are no rules in decorating your home. If you like it then that is the rule.

A lot of the recipes are family recipes. I have so many yet to make and I cannot wait to share them with you. Comfort food and things that remind you of your childhood are the best meals to make.

You have worked hard, now it is time to put yourself first.  No matter what else you do. When you come first and are happy then everything will fall into place and your family will be happy.

Time to start living your best life now,

The Kindred Way.

Front Porch Makeover
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Front Porch Makeover

Simple, budget-friendly transformation This post may contain affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Welcome to my ugly front porch My front porch was a disaster. I was embarrassed for anyone to come to the front door. A great first impression is not what you got when…