Galveston RV Travel Trailer

To Galveston In The RV

Our family getting our RV was so exciting. We couldn’t wait for our first trip. That first trip was to Galveston Island in Texas. It is close to home which was important in case something went wrong. I mean, we are new to this so anything is possible and anything could go wrong.

I have been to Galveston hundreds of times and I was happy to be in the travel trailer. Galveston is salty and sandy. Usually what happens is once you are ready to go home, we dry off and dust the sand off but still feel sticky. We get in our vehicle to go home and have to put towels down on the seat and you feel dirty.

This time we get to shower off with our outdoor shower. We can sit outside the RV and dry off and get a drink and not get our vehicle dirty. This makes me happy.

Off we go to Galveston and the drive was great. Traffic was good and handling the pulling of a travel trailer was awesome. We backed into our site at Dellarana, hooked up and we were set. Hello Galveston!!

We are set up and ready for fun!

Galveston RV Travel Trailer

The wonderful part about being in an RV is that you get a chance to relax and look around. Being at the beach was great. It was very hot but it was great. Being at the site was even better. I had a chance to look around and take in all the beauty that Galveston has to offer.

The weekend we decided to go had to be the hottest ever. The heat index was 112 degrees. OMG. It was HOT! I am so thankful we had our trailer but it is a metal box and it took all it had to keep us cool inside. The RV park we were at which was right on the beach had some palm trees but nothing that could actually give you any shade. It was just hot no matter where you were, inside or outside.

We waited until the evening to cook outside on the grill. We were having hot dogs. That would be easy and quick. Just about to take them off the grill and a bunch of seagulls came from the sky, grabbed our hot dogs, and took off with them. SEAGULLS STOLE OUR FOOD! The few pieces that were left had holes in them from the beaks of the seagulls. I am sure I stood there with my mouth open in disbelief with what just happened.

Galveston RV Travel Trailer

I ended up making hamburgers but I covered it with aluminum foil and guarded the grill. Hamburgers it is!


Let’s talk about wildlife. In addition to hungry seagulls, there was more than that to see.

I always knew that Galveston had venomous snakes in some of the grassy dunes but I didn’t realize they would be so close to where we were set up. I hope they know not to cross that rope barricade.

Living in the dunes with the venomous snakes were tiny rabbits that came right up to you to eat. They were so cute! You could tell they were used to being around and being fed by humans.

Galveston RV Travel Trailer
Galveston RV Travel Trailer

Had fun and would do it again

It was nice to meet new people. You have more in common with others than you might think. Once you start talking about where you are from and where you have been, it seems like everybody knows what you are talking about. It is a small world. We had a great time.

The best part of going to Galveston in an RV is that you get to sleep near the beach. You get to wake up and have coffee watching the beautiful sunrise. You get to hear the waves rolling in at the beach. Also, it was not nearly as hot in the morning.

For our first trip in our RV, it was a great time. The decision to buy our travel trailer was one of the best decisions we have made. We will go back to Galveston. I think we will go earlier or later in the summer. Overall, we had a great time and would do it all over again.

Galveston RV Travel Trailer

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