Back Porch Transformation

Another Simple, Budget-Friendly Transformation

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There is nothing better than taking something plain and making it better. That is precisely what I did with my front porch and I decided to do the same with my back porch.

You can read more about my front porch transformation here.

I will a little apprehensive since my back porch is so much bigger. My back porch is about 25 X 12. I knew I needed a big stencil to complete this project because a small stencil would have looked too busy and would have taken a lot longer to complete.

Between my age, my weight, the heat of the summer, and rain. It has to be an easy project. That is what stenciling is. If you follow directions, you can make anything look better and have a wow factor.

I order my stencils from Cutting Edge Stencils. I chose the “Cheshire” Stencil. It was 16 X 16 inches. It was huge, easy to use, and makes for a fast project.

Starting from the beginning

The first thing you do before starting any porch or outdoor project is to clean it. My back porch was cleaned and then it was cleaned again.

The second step was to prime the porch. I used exterior primer and let that set for a few days. I wanted to make sure it would adhere completely.

The third step was to paint the base coat. This time I switched things around and made the base coat black. Two coats of paint were used.

Time to stencil

When choosing paint colors I decided to use an accent paint that matched my outdoor chairs. All of them have some sort of turquoise color in the pattern. So for the stencil, white was used for the main, and middle portions of the stencil, and for the four small squares that meet, turquoise exterior paint was used.

Turquoise could have been overwhelming but this seemed to be just enough to give color to the porch and to match the rest of the furniture and accents on the porch.

I did make mistakes and I did have to correct some squares but it wasn’t that bad. Practice makes perfect, right? This is not my last time stenciling and I feel I get better each time.

Enjoying my back porch

There is nothing better than sitting back and enjoying your work. My back porch feels new and clean and updated.

The Cheshire Tile from Cutting Edge Stencils is perfect for me. The Chesire Tile Stencil allowed me to get a big 16 X 16 stencil for a large project. It came out better than I expected.

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