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Changing Your Eating Lifestyle

How are you going to change the way you eat to get healthy?

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Today is the day to start your new lifestyle.  Are you ready?  Is there a right way to eat? Yes, there is a right way to eat for each person. I have bought every how-to book, cookbook, and DVD for exercising on the market or so it seems.  If it is out there, I have tried it.

The internet has no much conflicting information it is hard to tell what is the truth anymore.  Eat six times a day or don’t eat unless you are hungry, eat meat, eat more vegetables, fruit only, raw only, eat more fat, eat less fat and the advice goes on and on.  How is anyone to know how to eat to get healthy?  Well, as of this moment, I am still fat.  So all this money spent to have someone tell me what to do to lose weight hasn’t worked.

I believe you need to discover what is necessary for you to lose weight.  If you don’t like vegetables then a plant-based diet probably won’t work for you.  Everyone and everybody is different.  I am choosing to give up sugar and wheat.  That means nothing with flour.  I will continue to eat brown rice and quinoa.  Low carbs are the way I am going to get healthy and I am going to eat only when I am hungry.  As we go further into this journey and if I am not losing weight or have my body change for the better then I will revisit this issue and tweak what I am eating.

Take some time to think about what you like to eat.  What are you eating in excess and what unhealthy food can you give up?

  • Start a journal and write down what you eat on a daily basis and decide how you can change your eating habits.
  • What are you drinking?  Soda throughout the day or several alcoholic beverages in the evening?
  • Are you snacking all day and don’t even realize it?

Is what you are eating and drinking healthy?  I know you can’t give up everything right?  We want to feel like we can enjoy life and that includes indulging in food and drink.  The problem is you can’t indulge and be healthy at the same time.  You need to pace yourself.  You might need to eat healthy all week and then have some cheats on the weekend.  I know some people might disagree with that but at least you will have less of a chance cheating during the week if you can have what you want on the weekend.  Let’s be honest here, it’s hard to be good all the time.

Try the journal, write everything down.  Write down every little thing you eat, drink and snack on.  I bet you are eating more than you realize.  I know I do.

It all boils down to getting good habits.  Meal planning and prepping is the best.  There is nothing worse than walking into the kitchen to grab a snack and there is nothing readily available except something that is bad for you.  You go for it anyway.  Try drinking water instead. Wait 20 minutes and see if you still want that snack.

We are already fabulous and beautiful and now it is time to Get Healthy! I can’t wait to get started!!

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