5 Ways I Take Care of Myself For Free

5 Ways I Take Care of Myself For Free

5 Ways I Take Care of Myself For Free

Start Taking Care Of Yourself

We can get so stressed out taking care of everyone else that we forget about ourselves.  If we aren’t well and happy then we can’t possibly help others as we should.


If you are always busy or have a strict budget or time just doesn’t allow you to do things for yourself then try these 5 ways and see if they don’t make you feel better.   I bet they will.


1. Get more sleep.  I know this is a tough one.  We are always up late taking care of last minute things.  Sleep will help you to do your tasks better. Start getting ready for bed 30 minutes earlier.  It won’t hurt for others to go to bed as well. Start out with 30 minutes and then see if you can squeeze in an hour.


2.  Take time for yourself.  Sounds ridiculous! Time for me? How?  Here you are spread thin and now you need to make time for yourself?  Yes, you do. This can start out with 5 minutes. Sit outside or in another room for your own quiet time.  Go for a walk. If you sit all day a five-minute walk will make you feel better. Do something that you want to do that makes you happy and relaxed.


3.  Treat yourself.  This could be with chocolate or a glass of wine or reading a book.  Watching a movie or TV show you recorded but have yet to watch. A hot shower or a bubble bath with candles.  Make your favorite meal. Whatever you want as a treat, Do It!


4.  Put on lotion.  This may sound weird but your outside needs care just like your emotional side.  When you get out of the shower, make it a habit to put lotion on all over you. You will feel so much better and feel prettier knowing you did this for you.


5.  Schedule a task that will make your life easier during the week.  This could consist of meal planning on Sunday or set up a carpool with other moms in the area to take turns picking up the kids.  Have one meal delivered once a week. Find what you need help with and ask for help or make other arrangments.


This can be easy and free and in the long run, you will feel better taking care of yourself.

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